The decision to raise gasoline prices in Kuwait is for the benefit of the country and its citizens.


SNN press conference, September 2016, His Excellency welcomed the interrogation report of MP Faisal Al-Kandari to be presented the first session next October unless the government back down from the decision to raise gasoline prices.

Mr. Saleh made a press statement in response to the declaration of the Attorney- Kandari with his intention to submit the interrogation The constitutional interrogation tool is guaranteed by the constitution for a member of the National Assembly for parliamentary control over the actions of the government, calling the questioning session would be “a good time” to explain what was done by the government in terms of measures to implement financial and economic reform.

H.E. explained that such decisions are in the interest of the country and the citizens in the medium and long term.

He concluded the conference by underlying that the government in terms of cooperation between the two authorities is studying the proposal of Finance and Economic Committee of the National Assembly, which was received by the government in the last meeting between the two authorities as well as other proposals alternatives to study the advantages and disadvantages and the effects of each proposal to get out as best to achieve sustainability of the State